Since 2004, we have provided design consultancy services throughout Asia-region and beyond. Our services are bespoke and personalized to respond to the intellectual and technical challenges of our Clients.

Founded on a deep understanding of our environment and that of our Clients, enables us to work in interesting and diverse locations. We make it our business to understand our surroundings and what can be achieved. Our design outcomes are based on a methodical approach that produces innovative site responsive solutions that captures the essence of each project and its context.

A strong expression of materiality is present in all of our projects, stemming from a desire to research, innovate and adapt, ensuring that our projects push the creative boundaries for our Clients.

We are committed to design excellence and creating unique environmentally responsive buildings.

The Way We Work

The workshop
As our name suggest, we see design as a hands-on creative process. At the workshop, we are passionate about design and sharing the process of design with our Clients
Our studio-based collaboration enables us to maximize the skills-sets of our peers and consultants. Every project is lead and design directly by the company principals and team members actively participate in the output.
Our Services
We offer design consultancy services for our international clients.
Commitment to quality and ingenuity
We treat every project as unique. The challenges, characters, locations, environment and brief result in our projects having a strong individuality.
Strong research base
We approach design based on study and research. Materiality, technology and detail form an important base for all of our work. We delight in exploring new materials and working creatively with materials we know, adding a character and identity to every project.
The ethos of the workshop is one founded on a deep understanding of our environment and that sustainability is an essential part of good design.
Dynamic young team
Our core team members are young and passionate about design, yet out combined experience makes us relevant and tested in the industry.