Sky 77

Bangalore, India

77 Sky comprises of 51 luxury duplex residences and is situated within the Divyasree Technopolis development. Unusually the project covers the full extent of the available site, offering minimal external space. The restrictions of the site and allowable building height resulted in a squat building form. To alleviate this, the design challenges the horizontal and vertical emphasis in the form by creating a texture and variety in stacking the duplex units each placed 90 degrees to the unit below. The stacking offers each unit external space provided by the overlapping unit below. Internally, the spaces between the units result in a vertical space running from the ground floor through to the roof level providing light and ventilation.

Recreational spaces are carved into the form by omitting four units. Each void is connected to allow access to each space by the residents. The apartments are luxuriously sized and finished and the development provides a bespoke residence for the buyers.