Embassy Lake Terraces

Bangalore, India

A luxury condominium comprising of 467 apartments ranging from 300-700sqm. The building form questioned the traditional approach of a multi-towered design and aims to address the aspirations of the residents. Providing a variety of choices in aspect, location and view, the design is divided into two horizontal wings of 11 storeys with multiple towers twisted to ensure view corridors (between towers) and open views for all apartments. The twisting of the towers separates the form and creates distinct identity between horizontal wings and the towers.

The wings are partially raised allowing landscape and common spaces to extend beneath the building ensuring that the extent of the landscape can be viewed across the site. The clubhouse is integrated within the architecture of the wings and amenities are spread throughout the development including the extensive sky gardens situated on the roof of both wings. Utilising available ground and roof spaces for amenities and recreation is intended to encourage residents to fully utilise the building surfaces.