Urban Design
Neotown Port Louis


Working with Les Salines Development, a subsidiary of Patel Realty, Andy Fisher workshop developed a concept to transform and integrate the waterfront site, turning this previously neglected area Neotown Port Louis containing  Business, Residential, Hospitality and Retail Precincts along with a Tourist Heritage Centre with a total built area of approximately 930,000 sqm.

The concept for the master plan was inspired by the unique waterfront and city edge location of the site. Drawing from the surrounding context, the concept strategy extends the key neighborhood street patterns, urban fabric and sight alignments across the site terminating in a series of public plazas along the waterfront. The plazas form nodal points activated by recreation and cultural activities adjacent a key pedestrian link along the waterfront promenade.

A new 'green heart' known as the Marine Park will provide a centrally located public park space and create a clear recreation focus for the development. This major linear park has been designed to connect to the Port Louis waterfront, with vibrant pedestrian friendly parkland and waterfront spaces. A series of streets and pedestrians links increases the permeability across the development with connections to the waterfront. Central to the master plan are environmental sustainable design initiatives to be developed as standard guidelines for the architecture and landscape proposals.

Project Status: Under development